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The discipline of art history and field of visual culture studies move across a spectrum of social and historical contexts and conceptual frameworks. Students taking courses in AHVCS focus on histories of artistic production and material culture. They investigate the lives of images and artifacts, and consider how visual practices have shaped values, experience, identity and action.

Instructional diagram adapted from Oil Painting by Walter Foster


Dennis Crockett
Krista Gulbransen
Matthew Reynolds (Chair)
Lisa Uddin

Brian Stauffer, Art Paralysis in The New York Times, 28, February 2008.

Requirements, Goals and Courses

Requirements: A student who enters Whitman without any prior college-level preparation in art history will have to complete 36 credits to fulfill …

Early Portrait of Nasr al-Din Shah (reigned 1848-1896)

After Whitman

What can you do with a degree in Art History and Visual Culture Studies?

Visitor’s Map of San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park (detail), 1962


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